Something More


New Every Morning
Sheri LaFontaine
Centergy Music/BMI

Waking up to God's sweet face
Basking in the grace
Closing tight memory's door
Of the stormy night before
I never thought I'd see the light of day

His mercies are new every morning
And joy comes with the dawning
Birds are singing, freedom's ringing
It's a brand new day
'Cause His mercy is new every morning

Creation sings His reveille
It's a sunrise symphony
Refreshing as the morning dew
His rays of hope come shining through
Promising forgiveness full and free

The coffee's steaming
The sunlight's streaming down
I must be dreaming 'cause yesterday's
Heartache can't be found

I Love This Living For Him
Sheri LaFontaine
Centergy Music/BMI

I love this living for Him
I love this calling the Savior my Friend
Looking back to where I've been
I love this living, I love this living for Him

Since the day that I met Him
Since the brand new start
Since the sweet surrender of my heart
Closer than a brother
The Lord has been to me
There will never be another
Life I lead

Now some days are a struggle
I'll admit, there's been a few
But in the midst of trouble
His love holds true
And if I'll just keep trusting
I'll see the light of day
It's all a part of walking
This gospel way

I Could Have Been Something
Sheri LaFontaine
Christian Taylor Publishing/BMI

She was sitting there in the diner chair
When what she could have been, walked in
In designer wear with perfect hair
Their careers meant the world to them
She felt a tug on her clothes
And she looked down at her son
He was far too young to know
Still she knew she had to try
She had to make him realize

I could have been something
The world could have known my name
I could have done something
Worked my way to a life of fame
I could have held on tight
To this old life's greatest reward
I could have been something
But thanks to you
Now I'm something more

He was sitting there in his rocking chair
Beside his wife of forty years
As a younger man, he'd made big plans
But all those disappeared
Now his lap is filled with three grandkids
And his hand is filled with hers
And by the twinkle in his eye
She can read between the lines

Now I'm something more than what I ever could have dreamed

Thanks to the hand of God that is leading me

Sheri LaFontaine
Christian Taylor Publishing/BMI (God be With You 'Til We Meet)
Jeremiah E. Rankin/PD

Missing you already, but I know that you're at rest
Smiling through the tears, because you deserve the best
And I heard that you reached Glory's side today
So allow me to convey

Congratulations, you have made it
To where the angels trod
A celebration in the presence
Of Almighty God
And I sure wish I could be there
To hear Him say, "Well done"

Take your crown and wear it, With a robe of purest white
You are finally there, The graduation of your life
And though I'm left here, With feelings bitter-sweet
'Til we again shall meet

'Til we meet
'Til we meet
'Til we meet at Jesus' Feet

The Hand of the Lord

Sheri LaFontaine
Christian Taylor Publishing/BMI
(God Leads Us Along)
George A. Young/PD

In shady, green pastures, so rich and so sweet
God leads His dear children along
Where the water’s cool flow bathes the weary one’s feet
God leads His dear children along
The hand of the Lord is leading me
The hand of the Lord is leading me
Ain't no need to worry, no need to fret
As long as I don't forget that
The hand of the Lord is leading me

Should I go or should I stay
Should I run on or walk away
Should I reach up high
Should I kneel down low
Direct me, Lord, 'cause where you lead I'll go
(Sure is good to know)

Show me now Your awesome plan
Show Your grace that I may stand
Show me everything You'd have me to be
And no matter where I go you take the lead
(Sure is good to see)

He found me when I was searchin'
He gave joy when I was sad
When the future looked uncertain
He gave peace for what's ahead
When I failed Him there was mercy
And He gave another try
When I'm in the lowest valley
He always lifts me high

Child, I Know the Plans I Have For You
Words and music by Sheri LaFontaine & Sue C. Smith
Christian Taylor Music/BMI/New Spring Publishing/ASCAP

Long before I met Him
God knew and called my name
He made a way to bring me
To the place where I got saved
And I see how He’s ordered
The steps that I’m taking
Each and every day
So my future is settled
With Him in Glory
And I can hear Him say

Child, I know the plans I have for you
That where I am you can be here too
I am here building, working on making
All of your dreams come true
Child, I know the plans I have for you

Sometimes my heart grows weary
And I sure long for home
I wonder how much longer
'Til He says it’s time to go
Whether it’s in the clouds with
The sound of the trumpet
Or crossing Jordan’s stream
Till I can be with Him
And dwell in His presence
His words will comfort me

New and Improved Me
Sheri LaFontaine
Christian Taylor Music/BMI

I picked up the phone and on the other end
My old friend said he'd been born again
Well, if you could have known him way back when
My old friend was sure livin' the life of sin
But he said, could we get together? I just gotta testify
God's done some renovating from within to the outside

He said, you'll love the new look
The smile on my face
Grace is what it took
To wash all my sins away
The change is extraordinary
Quite a sight to see
He said, you won't believe
The new and improved me

Well, I went to see what he was all about
And I found out that there could be no doubt
From all the guilt and sin, he'd been called out
Yeah, I found out the boy had taken a different route
And since we got together I just gotta testify
That God's still renovating from within to the outside

Since then I've done some rededicating of my own
And when God restored the joy, that's when I picked up the phone

And I said, you'll love the new look
The smile on my face
Grace is what it took
To wash all my sins away
The change is extraordinary
Quite a sight to see
I said, you won't believe
The new and improved me

Shine Like the Star You Are
Sheri LaFontaine
Christian Taylor Music/BMI

Hey there, chosen light of the world
Hiding all those rays
Come out from the bushel
Bring on the day
Don't you be ashamed

A city upon a hill cannot be hid
Let your light so shine among men
And burn like a beacon in the night so dark
Shine like the star you are
Shine like the star you are

Hey there, diamond in the rough
Sparking like the sun
Reflecting the beauty of God's love
You're a priceless one

Tried by fire keeps you shining brighter
So hold your head and your torch up high

This Inner Room
Sheri LaFontaine and F.T. Naude
Christian Taylor Music/BMI/SAMRO

Feels like I'm dreaming, but it's true
That You would give me so much love
To give back to You
This love I found
Not just any love
It's like manna pouring out
From Heaven above

This Inner Room
This holy place
Down on my knees
Seeking Your face
There's nowhere I
Would rather be
Than right here with You
In this Inner Room

Just want to stay here, where you are
A cleft for my soul, I know I'm home
Here in Your arms
This place I've found
Not just any place
It's a sanctuary of
Mercy and grace

Stealing away to Your presence
Stealing away to Your love

Harvest Time
Sheri LaFontaine
Christian Taylor Music/BMI

A cooler breeze dances through the cornfield tall and strong
And summer's rhythm fades with autumn's song
A pile of childhood memories surround like fallen leaves
And the smell of pumpkin pie, my senses seize

It's the season of thanksgiving
When all the family's meeting
And the only warmth is by the lights of home
Where the field is ripe and ready
Awaiting the gathering
We count the many blessings we have known
Where heart and Heaven rhyme
Harvest time

I can feel the changes, the breeze against my soul
The evening shadows make me long to go
A familiar voice is calling, my Father's arms await
What a perfect way to end the weary day


Jerry Kelso and Sheri LaFontaine/Christian Taylor Publishing/BMI

Everywhere I go
Every time I call
When I need You most
You hear and answer all
And I am well aware
That You are always there

Every hurt I feel
Every tear I cry
When my faith is low
You're still by my side
Even through despair
You hear my desperate prayer

Everywhere this life may lead
Everywhere this road takes meLord,
I know that You'll be there
And from this day until forever
We'll see it through together Hand in hand
Every little smile
Every happiness
When I feel You close
And know that I am blessed
I love that You are thereTo hear my joyful prayer

Some Previous Work


While I Wait
Sheri LaFontaine 2002
Centergy Music/BMI (adm. by ICG)

One day I’m gonna sail away
I can hardly wait ‘till then
Longing for the city
Where rejoicing never ends
Maybe I’m impatient
But I want it all right now
I’ll start the celebration
All that heaven will allow

While I wait I’ll keep on trying ng
To imagine like I’m already home
When He calls you’ll see me flyin’
To a land beyond the river where we’ll spend the sweet forever
I’ll start to celebrate while I wait

Some people think His coming
Is just our moment to fly
But I’ve found it’s a revelation
I can feel it inside
I’ll start the praises flowin’
On my last mile below
It’s my special way of showin’ Him
I’m ready to go

Vision of Tomorrow
Sheri LaFontaine 2002
Centergy Music/BMI (admin. by ICG)

Doors close in front of me
That were once familiar paths
Routine slips away from me
That I thought would always last
But here I stand at this crossroad
Unsure what God has planned
A whisper to my heart is heard
And by faith I understand

God doesn’t let the sun set
Without a vision of tomorrow
And you’ll never see a shadow fall
Without Him knowing all
And If He should choose to close the door
Somewhere there’s a window
‘Cause God doesn’t let the sun set
Without a vision of tomorrow

I’ve been feeling a new direction
Calling for some time
Walking toward the great unknown
I feel as though I’m blind
But I know that You’re leading me
My destiny You hold
A new horizon waits ahead
Full of promise untold

So I’ll walk on though this road may be ending
There’s a brighter dawn
There’s a brand new beginning

I'm Saved
Sheri LaFontaine 2009
Christian Taylor Music /BMI a division of Daywind Music(admin by ICG)

When my life is over, it comes to an end,
I won't fear the Jordan, I'll step right on in,
Death's chilling water a passage of ease,
Bound for the home of the free

I'm saved (I'm saved) redeemed by His grace,
Destined to forever live,
I'm saved (I'm saved) fear is erased
From death, hell, and the grave,
I'm saved

There's joy in the journey, a peace in my soul,
Since God paid the price of my ticket home.
Oh grave where's your victory, death where's your sting,
You've got no hold on me

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