In the recording of Something More, Sheri continues to display the range and versatility that has helped her win the hearts of her audiences for over 20 years. This dynamic album showcases not only her songwriting brilliance and captivating voice but also her love of God.

“Sheri has to be one of the most passionate singers we have heard,” says Aaron and Amanda Crabb. “Her songs have impacted us as well as others in a great way.”

With a release date of September 2010, Something More is an eclectic collection of music styles, with the pop sound of This Inner Room, the black gospel styling of The Hand of the Lord and the smooth jazz of I Love This Living for Him.

Sheri began singing while traveling with her abundantly talented family, led by her father John LaFontaine, a minister for over 48 years.

In 1994 with Grammy nominated singer Jeff Easter on board as producer, she recorded her first solo project, Takin’ My Place.

“The first time I heard Sheri LaFontaine, I was so impressed that I called my wife, Sheri and said, ‘You’ve got to hear this girl! She’s unbelievably talented,’” stated Jeff. “Not only is she talented, but she loves God and it shows in her performances.”

Shortly thereafter, Sheri received a call from the top promoter in southern gospel, Frank Arnold and was asked to join his group, The Arnolds on the road.

After several years of traveling with the group, Sheri felt the Lord leading her to be in her home church more and came off the road. She still sang locally as a soloist and focused more on her songwriting. In 2004 she signed a songwriting contract with one of the industry’s top recording labels, Daywind Music. Her songs have been recorded by Kim Hopper, Karen Peck, Sue Dodge, Brian Free & Assurance, Misty Freeman, Three Bridges, The Whisnants, The Browns and many more.

“There are a lot of things I can say about Sheri LaFontaine. She is one of the sweetest women I know,” says Heather Ruppe Day. “She is a terrific singer and one of the best songwriters in gospel music. We have been honored to record many of her songs. When my family, The Ruppes were preparing to record we would always make sure that we called Sheri for songs.”

In 2016 Sheri signed with a booking agent after performing at the Gaither Fall Festival in Alexandria, Indiana. She is touring once again

Sheri states, “It is always an honor to worship in spirit and in truth."

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