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Sheri LaFontaine​

"She has the gift of communicating the lyrics with feeling and sincerity. God is definitely smiling on this ministry.” – Brooklyn Collingworth (The Collingsworth Family)

“I would step out on a limb and say, Sheri has one of the best female voices out there today. The last concert I did with her also allowed me to see her heart for ministry! We need more of this type of commitment!” –Ivan Parker

"I love all things LaFontaine.... and look forward to the next opportunity!" -Woody Wright

“Sheri has to be one of the most passionate singers I have heard. Powerful ministry! Her songs have impacted us as well as others in a great way. The future is bright!” -Aaron Crabb (Aaron and Amanda Crabb)


“One of the most captivating voices I've heard and a great heart to go along with all that talent! It has been my privilege to work with Sheri LaFontaine many times. She always leaves me wanting to hear more!”– Sheri Easter (Jeff and Sheri Easter)


Sheri is booking dates for 2024. Contact Us.

Be sure to look for Sheri on the newest Gaither release,

Some Things I Need to Say.

You can order it here.

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